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Every day is about flowers. For over 10 years my life has been about flowers and design, and my passion still shows through with every arrangement and every conversation. I call my design style "casual romance," or unfussy but thoughtful flowers. I love finding inspiration everywhere, from the redwood forests and grassy wildflower fields in Northern California to the picturesque manor gardens of the British countryside. I can get pretty passionate when I start to talk about flowers and all things floral, but my favorite part of floral design is coming up with combinations of flower types and colors. I thrive on creating moods with color combinations, and I love a challenging palette as much as one that is tried-and-true. I also get pretty fired up over new, local, and seasonal flower varieties and what I think of as the "special bits" that must be found the week of an event, and usually end up being the most prominent, most important part of an arrangement, the thing that makes it really special.


I feel strongly about designing in an eco-conscious way, and have built Nightshade Floral around a framework of sustainability. Some of the practices we use are: we use seasonal and local blooms and prioritize organic farming whenever possible, we choose not to use chemicals, we produce as little waste as possible by reusing supplies as much as we can and compost natural materials. 

While I can talk flowers all day long, the best part is actually celebrating you. I love the challenge of capturing a couple's love in a visual way, or celebrating someone's life with their favorite flowers. I love including the little details that people share about themselves that can create something truly personal and unique. I can't wait to make something really unique to you for whatever your occasion may be.

Photo by The Ganeys

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